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Micosoft HoloLens 2 – For precise, efficient and hands-free work

HoloLens 2 in combination with software solutions becomes a hands-free controllable computer that supports you everywhere, sees everything you see and does what you say. It creates a digital information layer within the real world. You can interact with high-resolution holograms that remain in the user-defined position and react like physical objects.

Microsoft HoloLens 2
Precise workflows

Stay focused longer and more comfortably with your eyes on your work and complete your tasks safely and error-free. Benefit from fully articulated hand tracking, integrated voice commands, eye tracker, spatial mapping and a large field of view.

Seamless collaboration

Connect in real time with remote colleagues and collaborate on a holographic screen that blends into your physical environment to quickly solve problems on the spot.

Reduce downtime, transform your workflow, and develop more flexible production facilities. With HoloLens 2, employees can quickly learn complex tasks and collaborate from anywhere.

Healthcare services

Enable your teams to work safely and improve patient care by reducing time to treatment. With HoloLens 2, medical staff can connect with professionals at other sites, retrieve patient data, consult X-rays and even 3-D MRI images at the point of care.

Practical training

Improve learning outcomes and revolutionize curriculum with hands-on lesson plans that teach complex concepts in 3D. With HoloLens 2, students can learn real-world handholds using holographic instructions and assessments, regardless of where they are.