Laptops & Desktops: individual like you

From the slimmest business notebooks to extremely powerful workstations, the SCHENKER portfolio of products has the right machine for all customers.
You can configure our models individually to meet your requirements - so why should you configure your own PC with our support?
Quite simply, because a machine that's tailor made for you accelerates your work flow and gives your capabilities free rein.

Our philosophy

Maximum flexibility

Freely configurable laptops & desktops

A wide range of products

Optional customization

Maximum Performance

Always a selection of the newest components

Thoughtful configurations for maximum performance and reliability


Future-proof concept

Upgradable models which are easy to maintain

Free, lifetime support directly from the manufacturer

Replacement parts and service including devices no longer under warranty

Assembled in Germany

Production, support and service under one roof

Short delivery times, rapid reaction times for service inquiries

Comprehensive quality control


Where to buy SCHENKER

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The SCHENKER Technologies GmbH was founded in 2002 by Robert Schenker as an owner-managed sole proprietorship under the name ‘SCHENKER Notebooks’ in Leipzig, Germany.

After the beginnings as an Ebay shop, the independent online shop launched online 2004.
In 2009, the first own brand XMG (Xtreme Mobile Gaming) was presented.

XMG quickly became an insider tip in the gaming scene and is now in direct competition with the industry’s global players.

In 2013, the second own brand SCHENKER was established, to meet the increasing demand for high-performance mobile workstations for professional users.

From 2015, desktop computers are completing the SCHENKER portfolio and also the Virtual Reality industry will also be actively used. In 2016, for example, XMG launched the first virtual reality backpack, the XMG Walker, on the German market.

SCHENKER Technologies has been growing steadily for 15 years, meanwhile the SCHENKER products are distributed all over Europe.

Individual PC assembly with a distinctive brand character.

Once you’ve configured your dream PC in our shop, our experienced technicians will treat your project with the greatest of care.
Each order receives an ID that will stay with it throughout your PC’s life – a story that’s just beginning when you place your order.

Would you like to upgrade your trusty companion with new components after years of service?
We’ll be happy to welcome it back home and tune it to your desired level!