NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Max-Q
up to 8 GB VRAM
High-resolution display
matt 15,6" UHD IPS display
up to 3840*2160 pixels
the ideal symbiosis of performance and mobility
NVIDIA GeForce  GTX 1070
Ultra HD 3840*2160 Pixel
matt IPS display
Intel Core i7-7700 HK
up to 64 GB DDR4 of RAM
13,3" SLIM Laptop
Intel Core i7-8550U 
up to 32 GB RAM
2 internal SSD storages
Full HD IPS display
Slim aluminium casing
Amazing connectivity
Thunderbolt 3
by USB-Type-C
Integrated LTE/HSDPA+ modul
Brilliant Full HD IPS display
Intel Core i7-7700HQ
up to 32 GB RAM 
2 internal storages and optical storage incl.
matt Full HD 1920*1080 pixel display
Great connectivity
Robust casing
Intel Core i7-8700K
up to 64 GB DDR4 RAM
4 internal storages (4 SSDs)
Matt Full HD  1920*1080 pixel display
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080
Intel Core i7 8700K
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
17.3" IPS non glare
Intel Core i7-8750H
17.3" MULTIMEDIA Laptop

Laptops & Desktops: individual like you

From the slimmest business notebooks to extremely powerful workstations, the SCHENKER portfolio of products has the right machine for all customers.
You can configure our models individually to meet your requirements - so why should you configure your own PC with our support?
Quite simply, because a machine that's tailor made for you accelerates your work flow and gives your capabilities free rein.

Our philosophy





COMPACT series

With high-performance components in a compact, aluminum housing, our COMPACT series breaks new ground and offers the maximum in performance in a small space. Thanks to our many years of experiences, with this model line we have been able to bring high end performance and mobility together at last: Creative professionals needing system performance far beyond the mid-range standard but also cannot do without a slim-line, portable work device find their ideal companion in the COMPACT laptop.


DTR Series

Our DTR series for multimedia professionals captivates with processing power to rival high-performance desktop PCs. Thanks to processor and graphics performance unparalleled in the mobile segment and its generous storage capacity, the series can be employed for professional multimedia applications without reservation.

Regardless of whether it is running demanding CAD applications or editing video in 4K format – the laptops of the DTR series are uncompromisingly high end devices and can master any task in record time.


KEY series

The SCHENKER KEY series defines a new evolutionary stage of more compact, more powerful laptops with optimal efficiency at the heart of the design process. This means that we are able to offer professional users a device with a performance level positioned just a stone’s throw from the highest performance category.




MEDIA series

With the laptops of the MEDIA series, we offer creatives a model range that is particularly attractive from a price-performance perspective: The devices can access significant performance reserves for image and video editing but at the same time are portable, light and equipped with numerous external ports.

That is how we define the upper mid-range!


SLIM series

Thanks to its low profile, the laptops of the SLIM series present a particularly trim figure and low weight. These compact, lightweight laptops are the ideal companions when maximum mobility is your priority – whether its traveling, at work or on the way to the lecture hall.

Equipped with the most modern, energy saving processors from Intel, they can last through even longer work days without the need for an external power source thanks to their especially long battery life.



OFFICE series

An attractive, subtle design, a first-class keyboard that will suit the most demanding user, and an anti-glare display with IPS panel are all standard features of the reliable laptops in our OFFICE series.

With such impressive specifications, these devices are ideal partners for daily use in the office and offer a solid basis for effective, relaxed and productive work.


DOCK series

Mobility, high connectivity and durability are the strengths of the Dock series. With the matching docking station, you have at your fingertips a work space with broad connectivity and the storage capacity of a desktop workstation. A more multi-faceted laptop for office use is hardly conceivable.

The robust housing and durable keyboard of the DOCK laptop mean you will always stay connected, even on the go.


DESKTOP series

Our DESKTOP series comprises different professional workstation model ranges for demanding commercial use. These device series service the most varied usage scenerios.

Whether it is the MEDIA, COMPACT, or CAD stations or the XEON WORKSTATION desktop PCs: These stationary, highly specialized computers offer hardware configurations between the upper and high end ranges and distinguish themselves in every area with trusted Schenker quality.

Where to buy SCHENKER products

Click one of the logos to access the retailer shop

15 years SCHENKER

since 2002

The SCHENKER Technologies GmbH was founded in 2002 by Robert Schenker as an owner-managed sole proprietorship under the name ‘SCHENKER Notebooks’ in Leipzig, Germany.

After the beginnings as an Ebay shop, the independent online shop mySN.de launched online 2004.
In 2009, the first own brand XMG (Xtreme Mobile Gaming) was presented.

XMG quickly became an insider tip in the gaming scene and is now in direct competition with the industry’s global players.

In 2013, the second own brand SCHENKER was established, to meet the increasing demand for high-performance mobile workstations for professional users.

From 2015, desktop computers are completing the SCHENKER portfolio and also the Virtual Reality industry will also be actively used. In 2016, for example, XMG launched the first virtual reality backpack, the XMG Walker, on the German market.

SCHENKER Technologies has been growing steadily for 15 years, meanwhile the SCHENKER products are distributed all over Europe.

Our Brands

SCHENKER – Business, Lifestyle and Professionalism

SCHENKER is our business brand for the professional level

Here, desktops and laptops for daily use in the office through to high-performance workstations for professional users such as architects, industrial designers and other creatives come together.

We are in constant communication with many of our customers and are continuously learning more in order to optimize our models to be ideal tools in hands of their users.

With SCHENKER, we also offer bespoke  solutions for industrial development projects. This means, for example, that our hardware is used in the development of autonomous automobility and in medical technology.

XMG – Next Generation Gaming

XMG is our cult brand for gaming. Under this brand name, we provide ambitious gamers with high performance, fast-reacting devices with the most state-of-the-art components.

We are also active in e-sports with XMG, sponsor rising young e-sports teams like BIG and since 2016 have been proud co-producers of the annual  Dreamhack event, Germany’s largest LAN party.

Individual PC assembly with a distinctive brand character.

Once you’ve configured your dream PC in our shop, our experienced technicians will treat your project with the greatest of care.
Each order receives an ID that will stay with it throughout your PC’s life – a story that’s just beginning when you place your order.

Would you like to upgrade your trusty companion with new components after years of service?
We’ll be happy to welcome it back home and tune it to your desired level!

Our Partners