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RealWear Navigator 500 
The next generation industrial assisted reality solution.  

Support independent of the place of operation and high security at the same time. Through suitable remote support software, just one of many possible applications, the RealWear Navigator 500 ensures contact with experts and specialists, for example. Reduce downtime on machines and equipment, save costs and time, and increase employee productivity at the same time. 

Realwear Navigator 500
Hands-free communication

With the intuitive and completely hands-free RealWear Navigator 500 data glasses, you always have both hands free for your tasks and access to information and communication at the same time.
To ensure that controlling apps and entering data works reliably even in noisy environments, the Navigator 500 features multiple microphones and active noise cancellation.
Display is via a flexibly adjustable micro-display, equivalent to a screen of about 7 inches.

Rugged enough for industry

Professional speech recognition in noisy industrial environments – no more wiping, clicking, pressing or typing. Just speak out what you see on the data glasses display and it will be executed – “say what you see”.
The Navigator 500 is rugged enough for everyday use. With an IP-66 rating, the headset is shockproof up to a two-meter drop to concrete, jet-proof, dustproof and can be used in temperatures ranging from -20 to +50 degrees Celsius.
Modular design for your use
Impressive camera with incredible low-light performance, enhanced zoom without sacrificing image quality and advanced video stabilization. Modular design allows the camera to be easily detached and replaced with other accessories such as a thermal imaging camera or camera cover when the environment does not allow for a camera.  The 48MP camera enables high-resolution photo capture and real-time video chat in full HD.  
Technology for a wide range of applications

Battery life is approximately 6-8 hours. The battery is removable and the Navigator 500 has a power manager with an integrated “hot swappable” function. This means that, if necessary, the battery can be replaced during operation without having to restart applications or the data goggles. 

Operate systems, machines and tools in a targeted manner and easily change the battery during operation without losing a minute of work. 

Furthermore, the Navigator 500 is compatible with common safety equipment. The data goggles can be combined with safety helmets, safety caps and safety glasses