VARJO XR-1 - Developer Edition

Photorealistic Video Pass-Trough in real-time

Patented Bionic Display™ and 20/20 Eye Tracking

Varjo XR-1 Virtual Reality Headset

Pixel density: 60 PPD / >3000 PPI

incl. 1 Year Varjo Software & Support Service (B2B)

Introducing VARJO XR-1: develop a new reality

XR-1 is a mixed reality developer device for engineers, researchers and designers who are pioneering a new reality. With photorealistic visual fidelity, ultra-low latency and integrated eye tracking, XR-1 Developer Edition seamlessly merges virtual content with the real world for the first time ever

Extend reality with XR-1 Developer Edition

With XR-1 Developer Edition, professionals in engineering, design and simulation can develop and interact with virtual 3D models while collaborating with others in real life.

You can also switch seamlessly between mixed reality and full VR – bringing the benefits of both worlds into one device. That means you are able to test designs in different environments and manipulate your surroundings with pixel-perfect control.

XR-1 Developer Edition is powered by ultra-high definition stereo pass-through technology, which is achieved with superior cameras, sensors, optics, ISP and our Bionic Display™. It is the perfect tool for advanced R&D teams looking to push the limits of what’s possible.

The first-ever photorealistic mixed reality

Blend the real and the virtual with XR-1 Developer Edition, the only device that lets you build photorealistic mixed reality scenarios.

For the first time ever, XR-1 Developer Edition shows virtual content as it should appear – indistinguishable from the real world. What you see through the XR-1 can be controlled pixel-perfectly. You can omit, add and adjust colors, shadows, and lights, replace real objects with virtual ones, as well as blur or simplify for exactly the desired view, with no observable latency to the human eye. And you can effortlessly switch between virtual, mixed, and real scenarios as you work.

Create true-to-life interactions

XR-1 Developer Edition’s ultra-low latency image pipeline lets you explore true-to-life digital worlds as natural extensions of the real world – without any perceivable lag.

XR-1’s <20 ms latency is so low that professionals can explore mixed realities just as they would experience the real world. That means you can create, discuss, collaborate and even drive a car in mixed reality in a way that feels completely real and natural. 

Because XR-1’s depth sensors allow it to understand the 3D structure of the real world, developers can use it to build depth-aware applications where virtual and real objects interact seamlessly.

Develop for XR-1 with the tools you use

For developing your own mixed reality applications, we offer a native SDK and plugins for Unity and Unreal. If you have an existing project built with Unity or Unreal, it easy to port it to run on XR-1. We are also committed to support OpenXR standard.

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