present4D VR Suite

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The present4D VR Suite is one of the leading solutions for professional VR presentations. Combine 360° videos, 360° photos, text, multimedia and multiple-choice tests into a collaborative presentation for PCs, smart devices and VR headsets in no time at all. Distribution works conveniently via the cloud and operation is quickly learned.

Interactive VR presentations in the twinkling of an eye

360° photos & videos, 3D objects, text & multiple choice as assets

Real-time conferencing mode

Via Internet or local network

Platform-independent output

Collaboration between PCs, Smart Devices & VR Headsets

Easy deployment via cloud

Worldwide access to presentations via cloud server

Combine 360° photos, 360° videos and multimedia files into professional VR presentation!

The VR-Suite is a professional software solution for the creation and play back of 360° based VR presentations. The software installation onto mobile VR headsets is performed through the cloud. The accessibility of this program will make you a VR presentations expert in no time.

360° as the Starting Point

360° videos and 360° pictures are the basis for VR presentations. The number of 360° locations is not limited. VRS supports stereoscopic formats. 4K and 6K playback depends on your hardware.

Multimedia Slideshows

Multimedia content is integrated via slideshows. The icons for slideshows can be freely designed and displayed directly in the 360° -pictures or 360° -videos. We support stereoscopic formats. In each slideshow different media types can be mixed. The appropriate control elements are always displayed automatically. This setting can be deactivated.

Points of Interest

Point-of-interest allow you to label areas in the 360 ° location. POIs may also provide real-time information, e.g. of specific websites.

Guided Tour

A small arrow with great power: orientation made easy.

The small arrow always points to the HotSpot, which leads to the next 360° location. Thanks to this helpful tool you won’t get lost and your customers will be able to experience all 360° locations. Of course, this help can also be disabled.

Multiple Choice Quiz & Surveys

Create single or multiple choice tests for use with or without VR glasses. Several tests can also be distributed throughout the project.

  • Exploratory self-learning purposes
  • Certification of users in e-learning projects or security trainings
  • Collect feedback from customers about products, services or the latest VR presentation.

Real-time 3D Objects

Also use animated real-time 3D objects as interactive slideshows. Rotate the objects with simple head movements.


HotSpots are icons in the 360° locations that allow you to switch to other 360° locations. These icons can be personalized and even made invisible. This allows the implementation of many ideas such as 360° menus that are designed in Photoshop or Aftereffects.

Auto Setup

You can not create VR presentations more efficiently: Prepare the VR presentation in Windows. The file names of the 360° media and slideshows are automatically taken over by the Virtual Reality Suite and a complete tour is created. After that, all you need to do is push the HotSpots and multimedia slideshows to the right places in VR – done.

Fine Tuning in VR

360° media and multimedia content can easily be added or exchanged directly in the VR Editor. In VR or with the mouse, all important settings can be made such as the visibility of HotSpots, aligning sound sources, welcome text, slideshow settings, menu items, text corrections, quizzes, and many more.

In conference mode, you can jointly discuss 360 ° environments.

Over the Internet or in the local network, the viewing direction of the participants is indicated by a laser pointer. Conversations of planning status, the actual situation on site or of past installations are thus easily possible even over a large distance.

Deployment & Distribution

Simply upload the final presentation with the VR-Suite software to the VR-Suite Server. All users of the free VR-Suite app can download the new presentation immediately with their customer ID. For Android devices and the Oculus Go the presentation can also be transferred via USB cable.

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