As a complete realisation of the mobile desktop replacement concept, the laptops of the SCHENKER DTR series offer the same computing power as a professionally equipped desktop PC in stationary use. Intel’s desktop processors of the latest Core generation and NVIDIA’s high-performance RTX graphics chips form a sovereign performance basis for the time-efficient completion of demanding multimedia tasks.


Despite the focus on a particularly slim design, the SCHENKER KEY series convinces with a high degree of computing power. This is ensured by the integration of the latest high-performance components and technologies. Thanks to the use of thin bezel displays and an elegant metal housing, the compact models score with an outstanding combination of good mobility properties and high stability and durability.


Attractive all-round genius with an excellent price-performance ratio: SCHENKER MEDIA laptops offer creative professionals a reasonably priced entry into the upper mid-range performance class. In professional, multimedia everyday working life, the versatile models offer the understatement of simple elegance and combine a stylish, slim appearance with a low weight.


Stylish in appearance, versatile in everyday use: The light and low-profile laptops of the SCHENKER SLIM series combine a high-quality aluminium chassis, the efficient performance of the latest Intel processors and bright IPS displays into an ultra-compact overall package. In addition, they score with long battery life and a remarkable variety of connections, including Thunderbolt 3.


The SCHENKER WORK series is the first choice for professional users with a high demand for CPU power: Intel’s ninth Core i7 generation offers six processor cores for effortless handling of complex computing operations. In combination with the efficient, integrated UHD graphics unit, the laptops provide a resource-saving basis for demanding applications.

Laptop Schenker Work 17


The extraordinarily mobile Ultrabooks of the SCHENKER VIA series combine all key features that are important in mobile everyday work. Slim, lightweight housings partially made of an innovative magnesium alloy give the laptops not only excellent portability and a high degree of robustness, but also an elegant and modern appearance. Efficient AMD and Intel processors of the latest generation in combination with high-capacity batteries guarantee a remarkable application performance as well as impressive long-running qualities.

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