Time for a new generation!

They're finally there: the 8th generation of the Intel® Core™ processors! You cannot help but love the immense improvements in performance compared to the previous generation. Effortless photo or video editing and quickly changing between apps and windows in the course of day to day work are no problem for these new chips. Demanding users will enjoy the problem free handling of realistic game worlds, VR applications or 4K UHD video streaming. We recommend the new state of the art processors in our SCHENKER models:


The ideal symbiosis of performance and mobility is realized in the SCHENKER KEY 15 in the 15.6 inch format. Thanks to an efficient combination of the Core i7-8750H from Intel and NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX graphic cards, it is possible to squeeze consistently high performance into a slim, 1.86 cm aluminum housing, weighing less than 2 kg.

SCHENKER KEY 15 Workstation Laptop


The COMPACT 17 combines the enormous output of a powerful Intel Core i7 processor with our cores with hyper-threading and high cycle frequency with a completely VR-compatible GeForce GTX 1060 graphic card from NIVIDIA with a 6 GB graphic memory in a surprising slim casing at a construction height of 2.5 cm.


The MEDIA 17 offers all-rounder qualities and a 17.3 inch display with IPS panel, through which screen content is displayed in particularly brilliant colors.

"Working with music and visuals is twice then fun when you know that the laptops have enough power for crazy ideas in the wildest of live situations. With the new Coffee Lake models, I don't have to limit myself and can just perform."
Ray Arkaei, DJ und Musikproduzent, spricht über die neuen Coffee Lake Prozessoren
Ray ArkaeiDJ and music producer

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