The laptops from the DOCK series are professional, versatile working devices in every regard and have an integrated port to connect an optional docking station. Equipped as such, the DOCK series is in a league of its own regarding the connectivity of a desktop workstation: after connecting with the hot plug capable docking station, all connected peripheral devices and therefore a complete workplace environment are available immediately - and you can remove the laptop just as quickly to do you work during mobile deployments.

However, the series can otherwise convince through a number of external interfaces to connect peripheral devices and can also be expanded functionally through plugs for expansion cards.

The advantages of the DOCK Series

Plug-in desktop processors

The DOCK 15 is equipped with desktop processors  which achieve significantly higher clock speeds when compared to their mobile counterparts.  Guaranteed availability of pure processing power when performing demanding tasks.

Anti-glare display

A DOCK laptop is perfect for work in very bright environments with an anti-glare full HD display. If you need particularly high angle stability and sRGB color coverage, you can use an optional IPS panel.

Robust and with pleasant touch

A torsion-resistant and indestructible casing makes your DOCK laptop a long-lasting and reliable partner. The back of the display cover and the area of the wrist rest offer a pleasant touch thanks to a durable soft-touch surface.

Easily replaceable battery

The batteries from the DOCK series are plugged in and not screwed or glued in. This allows for an easy replacement and gives your device the possibility, for example, to double mobile usage time through the use of an additional portable power source.


The SCHENKER DOCK 15 features a complete, hotplug-ready docking port and is compatible with the optional SCHENKER DS200 docking station.

The docking station is supplied with a mains plug, charges the notebook, and provides an external connection to all peripheral devices.
The docking station is supplied with a built-in hard disc mounting bay as standard, suitable for 2.5″ hard discs with a height of 9.5mm.

The mounting bay can be replaced by a DVD or Blu-Ray burner if required.

Docking station

The SCHENKER DOCK 15 has a complete, hotplug-capable docking port and is compatible with the optionally available SCHENKER DS200 Docking-Station.

The docking station is delivered with a power supply, provides the laptop with electricity and guides all peripheral connections outward.

By default, the docking station has a hard drive framework for 2.5″ hard drives with a construction height of 9.5 mm.

On request, the framework can be replaced by a DVD or Blu-Ray burner.

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