In the design and construction of all of our workstation PCs in the various DESKTOP series, our guiding principles are stability, durability and reliability. The series serves a variety of professional fields. What they all have in common, however, is a wide range of plugs as well as the ability of all devices to be upgraded later.

We know precisely what highly specialized software is employed by our customers in numerous different fields. Our many years of experience in planning and building professional workstations means that we can target our selection of individual components. This means that you can be confident that there will be no potential incompatibilities.



The advantages of the DESKTOP series

Reliability and system stability

Both the individual components and the entire system of every PC from the DESKTOP series run through internal evaluations as well as an intense and multi-level quality assurance process. This reaches from the memory test to the collection of system benchmarks and logging temperature values in critical areas under full load. This ensures before delivery of all devices that no problems occur during commissioning and you can use them productively starting at the delivery time without any delays.

Efficient, powerful and quiet

The high-quality work stations from the DESKTOP series were designed to accelerate your workflow, to avoid interruptions and to always work as pleasantlydiscreetly and quiet. For this purpose, we have optimally coordinated all components with each other and offer you balanced system performance without hidden costs on every step between upper class and high-end. Cooling designed from the individual fans to the cooling system used on individual components provides for an impressive complete package.

Soundproof casing for quiet operation

In order to reduce the sound emissions of all the PCs in the DESKTOP Series to a minimum level, we set the entire range of models on stable steel casings, equipped on both sides, the front, as well as under the casing cover with highly effective soundproofing.
Equipped in this way, the DESKTOP Series operates very quietly even under long-lasting full load scenarios.

Customised flexibility

The various workstations of the DESKTOP Series can be adjusted to your specific requirements. They offer a large variety of optional features , which include the application of professional dual socket mainboards and SLI configurations from the NVIDIA Quadro Graphic Card portfolio. Our selection also covers the broadest range of size categories from the space-saving ITX System to the high-performance model in Full-sized ATX Tower.

Technical specifications

Die SCHENKER AI-Stations powered by Tuxedo bieten eine performante On-Premise-Alternative zur Auslagerung der Entwicklung Ihrer KI-Anwendungen in die Public Cloud. Als vollständige Turn-Key-Lösungen intergieren die Ubuntu 18.04.2-LTS-basierten Systeme bereits sämtliche relevanten Programmbibliotheken für Ihr professionelles KI-Projekt.

up to 3 SSDs

each with up to 2 TB of storage capacity

Intel Core i7-8700K

3.70 to 4.70 GHz | 6 cores / 12 threads | 12 MB cache

up to 32 GB of RAM

up to 2 x 16 GB DDR4 RAM 2133 MHz

NVIDIA Quadro or GeForce


The CAD Station is aimed at professional users who work intensively with 3D CAD applications. Thanks to an Intel processor with 10 cores, it can withstand demanding, parallel workloads and, with up to two Quadro P6000 graphics cards from NVIDIA, it’s ideal for any application, which require high double-precision performance, which is especially needed for complex scientific simulations.

Top performance – Tailor made

Different requirement profiles call for tailor-made solutions. That is why you have the choice of whether you want to use the CAD station based on a desktop CPU with up to ten cores orbased on a workstation motherboard, including a XEON processor with up to 22 cores. Similarly, you also have a free choice between NVIDIA GeForce and Quadro graphics cards.

Flexibility through size

CAD stations are expanded desktop PC systems in ATX format. Compared with smaller models, they therefore offer more flexibility and customization potential. Whether you would like to equip your system with a wide range of functionality through additional PCI Express plug-in cards, two linked graphics cards or numerous SSDs and hard drives – the size of the system offers you every conceivable expansion option.

Configure & order:
CORE Version


The COMPACT Station offers graphics designers, illustrators and users of 3D software above-average performance in the smallest space: The NVIDIA’s Quadro P4000 graphics card also offers a good basic performance in 3D CAD programs.

Space-saving and efficient

The COMPACT Station offers a practical ITX System that is built into a particularly space-saving, durable and soundproof steel casing. Thanks to the carefully designed interior structure and unobstructed and optimally equipped airflow management , it offers even demanding desktop components enough reserves for effective cooling.

Flexible memory extension

Despite the compact figure, it is possible to install up to three storage drives: a fast M.2-SSD connected through PCI Express is placed on the mainboard through an additional passive radiator for optimal continuous output. Two more 2.5 inch SSDs or a 3.5 inch hard drive can be used additionally.


The MEDIA Station provides balanced overall system performance for versatile uses. With up to six SSDs, it offers a rich storage volume. But depending on the user profile more may also be necessary. So five of the assembly stations can be equipped with mechanical hard drives. NVIDIA Quadro Graphics Cards can also fully support calculations in the 3D design environment with specially designed drivers with high system stability and speed .

Best deal for the money for different demands

MEDIA-Station-PCs are offered in a CORE- as well as in a XEON equipment version. You can decide on the basis of your specific user profile if a combination of the desktop main board and Intel’s Core-CPU or a professional work station main board with XEON processor should be used. The option also exists to equip the devices with a NVIDIA GeForce- or a professional Quadro graphic card depending on the respective usage scenario.

Optimized interior through cable management

The MEDIA station is installed in a space-saving Micro-ATX casing which has an effective sound insulation as well as very good possibilities to lay power and data cables behind the right side panel: this ensures an optimal and unobstructed air flow inside the casing.

Technical specifications

Um den hohen Leistungsanforderungen zur Visualisierung von Augmented- und Virtual-Reality-Inhalten gerecht zu werden, intergiert die SCHENKER XR Station die aktuellsten Komponenten in ein besonders platzsparendes ITX-Gehäuse. Dank seines schlichten, eleganten Designs fügt sich das performante Mini-System mühelos in jede Umgebung ein und bietet die Leistung, die professionelle Extended-Reality-Pioniere benötigen.

Technical specifications

Die SCHENKER 4HE STATION ist eine 19“ 4U Rackmount Workstation und Grafik Server / PC. Mit der Möglichkeit bis zu 2 x NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti oder 2 x NVIDIA Quadro P6000 Grafikkarten zu fassen, kann die 4HE STATION massive Grafikleistung für VR-Anwendungen, Renderprozesse und Gaming zur Verfügung stellen. Der Rackmount-Formfaktor ermöglicht entweder ein traditionelles, festes Server-Setup oder die Verbindung in ein transportfähiges Gehäuse für die ultimative mobile Grafik-Server Lösung.

2 x NVIDIA Quadro P6000 (SLI connection)


up to 6 SSDs

each with up to 2 TB of storage capacity

up to 64 GB of RAM

up to 8 x 8 GB DDR4 RAM 2400 MHz

Intel Core i9-7980XE

2,60 to 4,40 GHz | 18-core / 36-thread

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