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We are pleased to announce that Schenker Technologies has become a distribution partner in the sales and support network of Pico Interactive.

Since 2015, Pico has operated under the motto “Best-in-class design. Built with Enterprise in mind.”, being the first company to develop a standalone VR headset and continuing as a provider of progressive all-in-one Virtual Reality solutions for enterprises. With over 300 team members around the world, Pico focuses on creating amazing VR platforms for any business application – running completely independently of a PC and free of any wired connections.

Since last year, Oliver Wöhler has been working as Director Key Accounts for Northern Europe at Pico and is also our main contact at the company.

We are pleased that he has taken the time for an interview to launch our newly created blog section.

Schenker Technologies has become an official distribution partner of Pico Interactive. How did this come about and why did you choose us?

Oliver Wöhler: Schenker Technologies has been operating as a value-added reseller in the VR sector since 2016. As a pan-European manufacturer of IT hardware, Schenker additionally offers the largest curated portfolio of the latest technologies in the field of virtual and mixed reality.

What I particularly appreciate about you is the individual consultation in the selection of suitable hardware components, especially for business customers, as well as the subsequent support. Schenker’s proximity to customers and the community is also unique, for example during fairs and events. In short, the entire team does exceptional work and offers excellent service.

Where do you see Pico in international comparison?

Oliver Wöhler: Founded in 2015, Pico is a 300 person company with operations in the US, Europe, China and Japan. We are one of the world’s leading providers of all-in-one VR solutions for the business sector and – following the discontinuation of the Oculus Go – the world’s only manufacturer of standalone VR solutions specifically for businesses. In a highly segmented sector with various individual demands, we sold over 100,000 standalone VR headsets to pure business customers in 2020, which is remarkable. We owe a large part of this success to our software and support team.

How do customers benefit from Schenker Technologies’ new distributor status?

Oliver Wöhler: First and foremost, business customers all over Europe benefit from the rapid availability of our all-in-one VR headsets ensured by Schenker as an official distribution partner. Schenker also operates as a counterpart for questions concerning our products, individual consultation and advice regarding the selection of a suitable VR solution.

In addition, the Leipzig-based company offers a holistic service – including by being available with regional contact persons or carrying out on-site consulting if requested.

For which industries and uses cases are the standalone headsets from Pico Interactive particularly suitable for?

Oliver Wöhler: We work with a wide range of companies from different industries. Standalone VR solutions run without any additional hardware and disturbing cables, which significantly improves mobility and ease of use in different locations and settings. Our mobile VR solutions are therefore particularly requested in the context of medical applications as well as in the field of education and virtual training.

The issue of data security is particularly important for us. Not limited to business context, users will ask themselves which third-party applications have access to their own data and which accounts are necessary to run the headsets.

Pico has a very simple and precise answer: there is no registration requirement and tracking data will not be passed on to any third parties.

Give us a glimpse into the future. What innovative XR solutions from Pico Interactive can companies look forward to?

Oliver Wöhler: In 2021, Pico still focuses exclusively on the B2B sector, providing suitable VR solutions for several business contexts. With the 3DoF solution of the G2 series, we primarily address companies looking for an affordable entry into the world of Virtual Reality. The powerful headsets of the Neo series with 6 degrees of freedom are suitable for ambitious VR enterprise solutions, for example in medicine, marketing or location-based entertainment.

In cooperation with Qualcomm, we are already working on a new generation of headsets for business customers. I look forward to providing this news over the course of the coming year – naturally together with Schenker Technologies.

Picture source: www.xing.com/profile/Oliver_Woehler

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