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The world’s fastest laptops

Schenker Technologies places special emphasis on always integrating the newest and most powerful components in its mobile devices. This is how XMG and SCHENKER laptops have distinguished themselves as a world-class high-tech products. The XMG U702 laptop, complete with desktop processors, reaffirms this lofty goal by being the fastest laptop in the world, bar none. However this distinction hasn’t only been confirmed in independent tests the last few years, Schenker Notebooks has always been considered the premier in the price-performance ratio segment.

Custom-tailored and individual

Every customer is different, as are their requirements. Schenker Technologies always takes this into consideration, allowing the customer to individually configure their laptop as they see fit. Just about anything is possible: 11.6”-17.3” displays, more memory, faster processors or higher-powered graphic cards for gamers or CAD users. Do you need just one disk volume or better make it four? Everything is possible. In this way, we are able to offer everyone a laptop specifically tailored for them; from detailed-oriented architects, to demanding gamers.

Quality assurance and best-in-class service

High performance isn’t everything when it comes to world-class products. Equally important is dependability and stability. That’s why each and every Schenker Technologies laptop is made by hand by experts in Leipzig, Germany. After assembly, each unit is individually inspected and tested to meet our high demands. Our customers are also given the best before and after sales support; in addition to phone consultation and advice, we also offer component exchange services, device repair, unit cleaning and upgrades, as well as offering replacement units and long-term warranties.

Cult brand and fan scene

Hopping parties, fans clad in XMG green at trade shows, enthusiastic exchanges about our products across forums worldwide. These are just a things that go hand-in-hand with our high-performance gaming brand, XMG and helped us establish a cult status in the gaming and e-sports world. Over 100,000 fans follow us alone on facebook, where we engage daily with our fans and friends. This commitment from our fans is necessary for our success and therefore we gladly invest and support countless events, special edition laptops and e-sport team sponsorships.

Schenker Technologies GmbH

Schenker Technologies GmbH is a manufacturer of high-end laptops based in Leipzig, Germany. The company now boasts almost 60 employees and assembles all of their laptops in-house. Aside from its wildly popular online shop, the company also works with internet and brick and mortar retailers such as Amazon, Cyberport and, as well as a number of carefully selected distributors.

The company's Managing Directors are Robert Schenker and Melchior Franke.

Schenker Technologies was founded as a start-up company in 2002 by Robert Schenker under the name “Schenker Notebooks”. Beginning as a humble ebay-shop, the company was able to launch its first online shop in 2004. In 2008, the company employed 5 people and achieved a turnover of over €3mil/year. The gaming brand “XMG” was founded in 2009, which quickly gained popularity by word of mouth. In 2011, Schenker Notebooks partnered with its long-time distributor tronic5 mobile GmbH to found tronic5 | Schenker Notebooks GmbH. The new company, with 20 employees could now purchase components directly from Asia and was able to more agilely react to market demands. In 2012, the company sold over 20,000 laptops via its online shop. In order to further expand its horizons, tronic5 Holding GmbH was founded to enable the company’s long-term aspirations. Under this restructuring, Schenker Technologies GmbH was reestablished in order to market and sell its in-house products, XMG and SCHENKER.

Robert Schenker is the founder and CEO of Schenker Technologies GmbH. The Leipziger studied Orchestra Music at the Leipzig College of Music and Theatre, while beginning the assembly and sale of his customized laptops. Today’s mid-sized enterprise was founded from this start-up, which still today individually customizes, markets and sells its high-performance laptops for mobile gaming and demanding business applications.

Business & Lifestyle

SCHENKER Slim laptops

Slim and light, long battery life, stylish design and high performance - these are the demands that the notebooks of SCHENKER S series will satisfy. However, you do not only want to be seen with these flagship devices, thanks to faster Intel processors, up to 2TB SSD storage and FHD display with IPS the slender SCHENKER are fully-fledged notebooks.

SCHENKER Business laptops

The SCHENKER BUSINESS series reaches from high-end notebooks, for high demanding business applications, to high performance systems with extraordinary price. Fast Intel Core processors, long lasting battery runtime, non-glare display in 15” or 17” and elegant finishing make the everyday office use a real pleasure. A lot of working memory and optional SSD storage offer quick data access, high storage capacity and almost limitless multitasking.

SCHENKER Multimedia laptops

The SCHENKER MULTIMEDIA series sets its focus on brilliant display quality and high graphic performance. The crystal clear Full HD screen and high graphic performance allow photographical or technical displaying, but also animation or DVD, to look almost alive. Strong processors, fast graphics cards and high storage capacity make every kind of multimedia application a pleasure to be executed. The first choice for the ambitious private user.

SCHENKER Mobile Workstations

Our mobile workstation offer – thanks to their Intel desktop processors – unrivalled performance. Workstation graphics cards from NVIDIA and per PCI-express connected SSDs offer the performance you need for 3D-rendering, CAD and other professional applications even on the go. SCHENKER WORK – make more and faster.

SCHENKER High-Performance laptops

The SCHENKER H-series is for those who want a future-proof and high performing system. Let it be video editing or any other kind of resource demanding applications, the SCHENKER H-series will be able to provide sovereign performance thanks to its Intel Core i7 processors, high-end graphics cards and ultra-fast SSDs.

SCHENKER Flex laptops

SCHENKER FLEX notebooks can be individually adapted to the respective requirement profiles. The customer chooses from very reliable components by renowned manufacturers. The SCHENKER FLEX series is aimed at demanding users, where reliability, professional appearance and flexible configuration options when choosing your notebook are particularly important.

Xtreme Multimedia & Gaming

XMG ADVANCED Gaming laptops

Sixth Generation Intel Core processors with high-resolution displays, performant graphics cards and long battery runtime makes the XMG ADVANCED-series the perfect companion for mobile gaming. Choose the components that suits your needs and find your perfect balance between price and performance.

XMG CORE Gaming laptops

You are serious about gaming? We are too! Our CORE gaming series is for gamers who want more performance than what a regular gaming notebook can provide. Those who are not only looking for a fast processor, gaming graphics card and a high-resolution display but also search for style have found what they need. Live for your gaming and show it!

XMG PRO Gaming laptops

Gaming is more than just a hobby? The XMG PRO gaming notebooks the Name is Program! Some of the currently best eSports professionals (including Giacomo "Socke" Thüs and Yoan "ToD" Merlo) swear by the power of the XMG PRO series. Intel Core processors of the latest generation, High-end graphics cards and extremely fast SSDs provide sovereign Performance - even in demanding games. Of course all representatives of the XMG PRO Series are freely configurable - you decide about performance and price!

XMG ULTRA Gaming laptops

You cannot get more! The XMG ULTIMATE series sets the limits of the, technologically speaking, reachable performances. Desktop processors, the most performant graphics card available on the market and the fastest storage. XMG ULTIMATE – ALL IN!


For when the power of a gaming laptop is not enough, we've developed the XMG Prime- a fully equipped gaming PC. A premium selection of desktop components are included along with features such as:
Intel® 6th Generation Quad Core™ Processors, NVIDIA® GeForce® Graphics, up to 20TB of storage and 16GB Memory.


The perfect Gaming-Personal Computer!
Performance and optic on the highest-level. Only the best Brand components perfectly balanced between one and other. Serial-clocked, Water cooled and silent. The XMG SECTOR - Everything on ULTRA!


The perfect Gaming-Personal Computer!
Performance and optic on the highest-level. Only the best Brand components perfectly balanced between one and other. Serial-overclocked, Water cooled and silent. The XMG SECTOR² -Everything on ULTRA!


Your individually customized laptop is always hand-assembled by us in Leipzig.

Choose from a large variety of special offers, best-sellers and new products –always available online. Quick and simple.

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Always open for business is Schenker Technologies’ online shop. You can configure and customize your laptops at any of our online shops and explore all the possibilities at your fingertips. was launched in 2004 by popular demand and has since served over 100,000 satisfied customers. In addition to our German shop, offers our European customers an English-language shop to order from, while mysn.UK specifically serves the UK and Ireland.


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Schenker Technologies verfügt als Gold Certified Partner über das höchste Qualifikationsprädikat im Microsoft Partner-Programm und besitzt das umfangreichste Wissen über Microsoft-Technologien. Dieser Partnerstatus liefert Ihnen daher Anhaltspunkte für die erzielte Kundennähe, Leistungsfähigkeit und Erfahrung, die wir Ihnen als Hersteller bieten. Mit der Auszeichnung als Gold Certified Partner bescheinigt Microsoft Schenker Notebook ausgesprochene Expertise bei der Integration von Microsoft Technologien und der erfolgreichen Umsetzung von Projekten mit einem Portfolio von Referenzkunden.

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Der „Microsoft Small Business Specialist“ kennt die Bedürfnisse und Wünsche von kleinen Unternehmen in allen Belangen und hilft mit der richtigen IT-Lösung, die Kosten zu senken und die Leistungsfähigkeit ihrer Mitarbeiter zu steigern. Microsoft Small Business Specialists sind zertifizierte Fachkräfte, die sich auf die IT-Anforderungen kleiner Firmen spezialisieren und dadurch in der Lage sind, ihren Kunden hochwertige, auf Microsoft-Technologien basierende Lösungen anzubieten. Bei ihnen stehen die typischen Anforderungen kleiner Unternehmen im Mittelpunkt und sie nutzen ihr spezifisches Know-how, um IT-Lösungen für Kleinunternehmen exakt zu planen und kundenspezifisch anzupassen.

Managing Directors
Robert Schenker
Melchior Franke

Wir gehören als Intel Channel Partner Premier zu den leistungsfähigsten Firmen im Intel-Vertriebskanal und haben unsere Stärken in der Entwicklung und Installation von Systemen und Lösungen mit Intel-Technologie bereits mehrfach erfolgreich unter Beweis gestellt. Des Weiteren nutzen wir als Intel Channel Partner Premier die neuesten Intel-Technologien und setzen auf bewährte Intel-Qualität!